Shirley Valentine

by Willy Russell

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Showing March 21st, '13 to April 21st, '13
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What can you do when you realize that you've hit middle age and your life has been shaped by choices made by everyone except you?  The heroine in this actor's tour-de-force is an ordinary middle class English housewife.  As she prepares chips and egg for dinner, she ruminates on her life and tells the wall about her husband, her children, her past and an invitation from a girlfriend to join her on holiday in Greece to search for romance and adventure.  Ultimately, Shilrey begins the process of shaping her life into something wonderful!  Funny and moving, this one-woman tour-de-force lifts the sprits and inspires us to embrace life. (Contains Mature Themes)

Directed by Lynn Lammers.

Featuring Julia Glander as Shirley Valentine.


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